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enhancing employability of india's workforce

Globalization and market forces are creating opportunities across countries on a scale never seen before. Unfortunately, there is also a widening skills gap. India is poised to reap the benefits of the "demographic dividend" but this begets the question, how can a country with a billion people be facing such a severe talent crunch?

Every year, India produces more than 2.5 million university graduates, of which 20% are engineering majors. NASSCOM estimates that only 25% of these technical graduates and approximately 15% of other graduates are considered employable by the rapidly growing IT and ITeS companies.

amatya is an proactive incubation finishing school and skills development centre with highly experienced and successful managers who span a variety of functional and sectoral areas drawn from application domains, technology and academia experts who are committed as trainers, using unconventional mentoring methods that emphasis on experiential learning providing the skills for quick adaption to the corporate environment and rapid ramp-up of fresh recruits' productivity and effectiveness in organizational roles.

fostering skills' & capacity building

With a view to meet the immediate and future skilled human resource requirements across industry ver-ticals, Amatya incubates and fosters human resources' skills by building capacities across domains and technologies.This effort has twin objectives of:
(i) offering skilled and industry ready candidates to organizations across application domains, and
(ii) helping young graduates to enter corporate world with the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitude